Coming Soon: Take your yoga off the mat — an exploration of the yamas and niyamas

About this Workshop

Asana (physical postures) is only one of the eight limbs of yoga. The yamas (moral observances) and niyamas (personal observances) make up two of the other limbs. We can practice these observances both on and off of our yoga mats; recognizing these observances gives us an opportunity to relate to ourselves and those around us in different and mindful ways.

This three-hour workshop includes…

  • discussion of the yamas and niyamas, including how to experience them on the mat and off the mat and their ethical relationship to us as individuals and in our larger, collective world
  • an opportunity to reflect on our interactions and where we can integrate these observances into our experiences with ourselves and with others
  • an exploration of our physical bodies with a gentle, grounding flow which incorporates how to feel the yamas and niyamas in the third limb of yoga (asana)
  • an experience of the fourth limb, pranayama (breath) as it applies to meditation and movement

Investment: $25