Coming Soon: Yoga for Athletes Workshop

About this Workshop

Yoga isn’t just about smelly, barefoot people chanting in a circle. Sure, that might be a part of it sometimes, but the physical practice of yoga has the capacity to bring us deeper into our ability to be both strong and steady, whether that is in our physical bodies, our breaths, or our minds. In short, your active, athletic body probably craves yoga and you just don’t know it yet!

This three-hour workshop is an introductory session into the benefits of adding yogic postures and breath into your physical routine. It’s an opportunity to hit reset and evaluate the ways you’re moving and feel what it’s like to find something that is not only powerful yet soft, but also meaningful and specific to your needs.

In this workshop you can expect to…

  • learn different breathing strategies to enhance lung capacity, effectiveness of your overall breathing, and calming of your mind
  • learn various postures, sequences, and supports to meet yourself exactly where you are, whether you are at your most powerful, feeling a little “off”, or struggling with an injury
  • learn how to cultivate a deeper sense of purpose and concentration before you step onto the mat, field, court, pitch, mound, or board
  • learn how to grant yourself the permission to revel in your strength yet surrender to your softness

Investment: $45; workbook with postures / notes provided