Coming Soon: Welcome to Yoga — Beginners’ Series

About this Workshop

This workshop is a month-long commitment to the most important being of all–you. You’ve completed the hardest step of your yoga practice, which is the initial show up. If your experience was anything like mine, you might have left that first class feeling confused, sore, and probably a little inspired.

Truthfully, our practice takes time to develop. I remember feeling anxious about having it all go faster than it was, but the reality is our practice is a slow evolution and a long-time emergence into ourselves. Our reward? A beautiful practice? Our journey? The practice itself!

In this month-long workshop, you can expect the following:

  • 2x / week dedicated evening practice times (dates & times TBD)
    • Each class will focus on various elements of a yoga practice, based on the Eight Limbs of Yoga:
      • yamas — ethical standards and sense of integrity
      • niyamas — self-discipline and spiritual observances
      • asana — postures and the physical practice of yoga
      • pranayama — breath control and breathing techniques
      • pratyahara — sensory withdrawal and transcendence
      • dharana —  concentration
      • dhyana —   meditation or contemplation
      • samadhi — interconnectedness
  • to read a short anchor text to root us in our practice; these books will be provided (please be sure to register in advance to ensure there are enough copies)
  • to write reflectively about your experiences as we learn and practice together
  • to delve into an exploration of our bodies as part of a larger physical and spiritual practice (we will explore vinyasa and yin/restorative practices)
  • to explore stories rooted in Hindu mythology as an origin or framework for how we experience dharma (purpose); karma (actions & outcomes); samsara (life cycles), samskara (psychological imprints), and duhka (suffering); and moksha (liberation).
  • a short introduction into mudras (hand postures) that help authenticate your practice

Investment: $108 (includes book, workbook, 2 classes / week, and the opportunity to be in wonderful community with other seekers)