Coming Soon: Mindful Meditation & Movement

About this Workshop

This two-hour workshop is designed with¬†you in mind.¬†YOU are a being worthy of breath, movement, love, joy, and more! If you’re anything like me, you might feel that your busy life and active mind keep you from feeling each moment and breathing in all of the bountiful blessings of your day.

This class offers the following elements as vehicles to create mindfulness, experience movement, and settle into meditation. You can expect to:

  • learn how to set an intention that is rooted in mindful choice, reflection, and consideration in order to quiet the mind and prepare your physical and energetic bodies for movement
  • experience the way in which moving softly and sweetly through gentle shapes and postures help balance your nervous system and ground you into your magnificent body
  • use the breath to guide and inform your movements and choices; breathe deeply to refine your experience and go a little deeper into your subtle body
  • explore the avenues in which even a short meditation (or silent sitting) can alleviate moments of intense pressure, confusion, or restlessness; consider the ways in which you might already meditate and look for areas in which you can add it to your daily routine

Investment: $25