Coming Soon: Choosing Love — Inner Relationship / Outward Appearance

About this Workshop

In a society beset by images of what a “perfect” body looks like and doing whatever it takes to get there, we put our bodies at odds with themselves. This workshop is designed to draw you closer to your recognition of yourself as a vibrant, beautiful, and bold being. We will explore how our bodies move, breathe, adapt, and age with grace, love, and abundant compassion. This experience will leave you ready to embrace your body and all of its parts.

In this three-hour workshop you can expect…

  • to discuss the layers and aspects of our physical bodies (koshas)
  • to discuss the layers and aspects of our energetic bodies¬†(chakras)
  • to explore the internal landscapes of our bodies as containers of earth, air, fire, water, and ether
  • to explore how our muscles, bones, fascia, and nervous system help support us
  • to write reflectively and lovingly and to compose words of affirmations
  • to consider what healthy boundaries and habits look like and use our discernment to make choices that are good for us physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • a gentle restorative practice followed by a soothing yoga nidra practice

Investment: $40 (includes a notebook)