Forged in the Fire

I am afraid of fire. So much so, in fact, that I don’t have a “mesmerized” or “intrigued” attitude about or by it. I will sit by one when I am cold, but otherwise the physical manifestation of fire holds no luster for me. Part of this is that I am a native Californian, and […]

Elevated & (Re)Aligned

Sometimes studying, practicing, and engaging in yoga feels like being insatiably thirsty and being offered a fire hose. I want more. I need more. The water comes out so fast, though. And there is so much of it. All I want is to dance in the deluge without feeling the need to grab a paddle […]

How to Find & Seek Change

One of my favorite games to play as we sit down and catch a show at night is the What If? game. I can tell you that it’s more fun for me than it is for my husband. Sometimes my What if? questions are downright silly and crafted around improbable and unrealistic concepts. Sometimes they are of […]

Feed Your Hunger

I was simply ravenous last night. Truly, it was the kind of voracious hunger that you see when you put kibble in your dog’s bowl and listen to him literally inhale his food. This was not the complacent hunger of the post-hunt lionness, who slowly licks her lips and swishes her tail ambivalently before diving into […]

Dharma: Acting with Unencumbered Resolve

I have a history of optimal code switching, hat changes, and other chameleon-esque tricks to make myself “more” of what other people needed me to be. Whether this occured with my family, romances, and career makes no difference. There’s an acute and terrifying pressure we feel, as humans, to be enough or perfect. Part of this comes […]

The Journey — How I Arrived & What I Learned

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re moving through your life in a labyrinthine way? You start, turn left, hit a roadblock. Turn around, go right, and another obstacle. I’ve been there. Sometimes I find myself there again. After ten years, though, I have the tools mostly in place to advance to the obstacle, […]